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Monsoon Masti With Bank Loan Girl

Hi, this is Ravi from Bangalore. I’m working here in an MNC, after my MBA. I’m 30 years old and got married 2 years back. I’m about 5’7″, and good looking. I like gyming regularly. I saw n8story blog few days back, and read some of the stories. They are really nice, and a good tutorial for guys/gals on how to patofi someone for fucking.
I’m clear about one thing – I belive in love, but even sex is important. And variety in sex is good! I’ve been fantasizing about sex since my teenage. And its gotten stronger with age! I’ve had good time with my maid, some aunties, and girls in bangalore. When I was in college, I used to take “tips” from seniors on how to go about these things. I wish we had more stories like desitales then for the lessons!!
Anyway, let me tell you about one incident that happened just before my marriage. I used to think about having sex as many times as possible before marriage. One day in office, I got call from a bank call center about personal loan. She was a girl named Pooja (name changed). I said I am busy and can talk later. She again called me in evening that day. I was waiting for the call so that I could get her cell number. I said that
I’m still busy, and if she can give me her cell number I’ll call her back. She hesitated for some time, and said that she cannot give her number. I said that in that case, good bye, I dont want the loan. Finally she gave me her number. Pooja had a very nice voice, and I was sure that she looked good too. I called her after 2 days, and told my name. She immediately recognized, and asked me again for the loan. I was ready for this, and had already framed my answer. I said that I’ll take time to decide the loan since I needed some clarifications.
I told her she had a very nice voice, to which she said thanks. I asked her to meet me so that I can clarify the loan questions. She hesitated a bit, and said that I can come to her office in office hours. I said I’m too busy in office hours to go anywhere, so we could meet after office. We spoke like this for 2-3 days. Slowly she started opening up and told more about herself and family. I also wanted to get as many details as possible before meeting her.
She was a 22 yr old B.Com student, and family was not doing too great financially, so she was working in this call centre. She was staying with parents and brother. I thought to myself, taking her out for the night is impossible. I have to bed her in daytime :-)Whenever I spoke to her, I used to tell her that she has a beautiful voice, and I’m sure she looked good too. She liked this admiration. After 1 week of talking, she agreed to meet me on a Saturday for lunch.
By the way, she stayed in Whitefield area, and we picked up a restaurant near the area for meeting. I came on time for the lunch. She called me saying that she was close by. When I finally saw her, it was awsome. She was 5’4” and gorgeous looking. She was wearing a saree and her boobs were big. The blouse was clearly bulged out. The outline of her curvy thighs was visible. I love women in sarees, it makes them look very sexy.
But since things don’t happen so easily in this world, there was a problem – Pooja had bought her younger sister with her. I guess she was afraid of meeting me alone. I guessed that she hadn’t gone out with guys often, that made me even more excited. The lunch went on normally, we ordered food, and just spoke about our background. Her sister just kept watching me. I made Pooja comfortable by complementing her about her beauty. After the lunch, we parted ways and went back.
We kept speaking over phone for next few days. By this time I was really aroused, and used to think of how Pooja would look naked. She had short hair. When she would be naked, her boobs and tits would look awsome. I wanted to play with them and suck them more and more. I’m crazy about sucking women’s pussy’s and never miss a chance with the girls/auties I have dated. How would her pussy look, I wondered?
Does she shave them clean, or make designs on the hair while shaving? I wanted to find out as soon as possible. After few days, I told her I wanted to meet her again. And this time alone! She readily agreed. We decided that I will pick her up after office in my car. I didn’t tell her about my plans after that. I just said we will talk. If a girl agrees for car ride after office, half the job is done! As agreed, I parked my car a little distance away from her office and waited. It was getting dark and was raining a bit.
I saw her from a distance as she was coming. She had put on a beautiful black salwaar-kameez. It was wet and sticking to her body. Her gorgeous boobs were jumping up and down as she was walking fast. I could make out outline of her thighs. Pooja was neither thin nor fat. Just plump enough that she had good curves. She smiled when she saw me. Man – my dick was already jutting out and I was ready to fuck her on the road itself.
She ran to my car as it was raining, and immediately got inside. I also climbed in. She was breathing heavily and took few seconds to compose herself. Her boobs were still moving up and down. Hmmmm..yummy…i thought. As it was dark and I had parked my car in a corner, no one could see us. I said lets sit in the back seat as it more comfortable. Before she could react, I held her hand and led her to the back. I glanced at her and her beautiful body.
I said why did you get your sister last time, she said yes, she should have come alone. I said you are very beautiful, and held her hands. She gave a wide smile, and was very embarrassed. I said done worry, I’m a nice guy :-) We kept talking small things, and I kept shifting closer to her. She did not mind. After some time, I stared directly in her eyes, and smiled. She did not say anything. I quickly leaned towards her and gave a kiss on her lips.
She was surprised, and said that I was fast! I said kissing in 2nd meeting is normal. Then I held her waist, pulled her towards me, and gave a long kiss. She was good in kissing – her lips and tongue rolling on my lips. I told her to take my tongue in her mouth and suck. She did that for few minutes. Then I repeated it with her tongue in my mouth. She was also getting aroused. She crosed her legs while kissing, and her salwaar kameez was going deeper into her pussy.
The depression was clearly visible. I said that I wanted to suck her boobs. She smiled and said yes. I pulled her clothes up to reveal the bra. She was putting on a white lace bra. I was very horny by then, I unbuttoned the bra, and squeezed her boobs. She was moaning with pleasure now, and was saying ooohhhh, and biting her lips. I wanted to put my dick between those beautiful lips. I took her boobs one by one and licked then clean with my tongue. Her nipples were hard by then and I sucked them long and hard.
Slowly I started sliding my hand in her pajamas towards the pussy. She stopped me and said its too fast. Some other time. I said dont you trust me? We both like each other, and this is normal. I said that its still 2 hrs for her to go home, why dont we go to my room and relax. Its raining and cold. She said OK, but said that she will stay only for short time.
We drove to my room, parked the car and went inside. After we went in, I switched on the lights and looked carefully at her body again. She was looking good in the wet dress. I hugged her tightly and started kissing again. She also resonponded and started kissing wildly. I held her thighs and pressed them. She was again getting aroused. I lifted her dress up. She hesitated but did not resist much. I removed the top part of her dress.
Now she was standing in my room in bra and pajamas, all wet and smiling. Man…I was waiting for this moment. I went straight for the boobs and started massaging them wildly. She laughed and said I was like an animal. I removed the bra and played some more. I asked her if she knew about position 69, she said no, i said i’ll show you later :-) We went into the bedroom, and I pushed her on my bed. I badly wanted her pussy. I started removing her pajamas and pulling them down.
She was scared. I then unzipped my pants, and took my dick out. It was hard as steel and wet with pre-cum. Pooja just kept staring at it. I said we’ll do this 50:50, I want her pussy and she can have my dick! I asked her to hold my dick in her hand, while I removed the pajamas. Now she was confused and didnt object much. I quickly removed the pajamas and took a good look at her pussy. Ahhhh….it was heaven.
She had put on a blue panty, not sure which material, and it shined a little. It was wet between the legs – her pussy juices were flowing heavily. I held the panty with both my hands at her sides, and pulled it quickly down. She struggled a bit, but it came off. I made her lie on the bed and looked at her, as she lay with a slight smile. Her short hair was spread out. Her boobs were tight and wet with my licking. She had shaved her pussy clean and it was wet. Her thighs were totally visible and good looking.
I now lay down on her and kissed some more. When my dick touched her wet pussy, she moaned loudly. She had crossed her legs and wouldn’t let me get inside the pussy. I forced her leg open, and put my finger in. I kept fingering her cunt, and she kept moaning. She was getting wild now, and throwing her hands and legs everywhere. After some time I removed my finger and said its time for positing 69. She smiled loudly, and said bring it on! I asked her to get on top of me.
I changed my position and turned 180 degree, so her cunt was above me, and my dick was below her mouth. I spread her legs wide, and looked at the beautiful sight. Her saved pussy dripping with juice and the nice thighs. I went wildly at her pussy, sucking and licking at everything. I even licked her asshole in the excitement. Everything was good. Pooja also started sucking my dick fast. She took it deep into her throat and sucked hard.
We kept on like that for few minutes, when she started climaxing. She pushed her pussy down deep into my face, and I couldnt breathe! I kept licking hard and Pooja moaned loudly when she reached climax. I kept licking some more. When she relaxed, I said now its my turn to climax. Pooja lay on bed, and I put my hard dick inside her. I kept pumpying slowly. Pooja kept her eyes open with a big smile and kept looking at my face.
She said she wants to see my face when I climax! Slowly I started reaching orgasm, and when it happened, I dumped all my white juice inside her pussy. It felt good! We both relaxed after the sex. Pooja had to go home, so she got dressed. I watched her as she went to the bathroom and cleaned her pussy. She wiped herself with towel, and put on her bra and panty. Then she put on her still wet salwar-kameez. I dropped her some distance from her home.
When she got down from the car, and looked at me and said that was the best monsoon she had. I said this is just the beginning. We kept in touch and had sex couple more times. We stopped seeing each other after some time, when she shifted out of bangalore. So friends, this was one of my sexual escapades. As i said, I’m a very horny guy and would love to hear about your feedback.
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Sex with my servant Shanthi

Hello! Friends this is a true story, which happened in Delhi Noida. I am 28 male I work for a co. There now coming to the point I had hired a flat in Noida and use to stay alone it was almost 2weeks past I was telling every one that I need some one to cook at my place & there was no reply or nobody took it seriously. I had shifted from Bangalore. One day a lady came in morning telling that the shop keeper referred that you need a cook I so I told her come inside she was around 32yrs with 2 Childs she was a Bengali. Slim fair.
She told that the children are in west Bengal and she has come to Delhi to work & serve her family she was a Widow her husband had fast 10 years ago she had to work for her family so I ask her what salary will be fine with her to cook clean & keep the house good. She told she is new to Delhi and also had to find a home so she need 2k I asked her now where she was leavening she told she will be coming from Delhi. Shanthi was a very shy lady I told her that she can come in morning & go in the evening she agreed and asked if I can provide a place so she can stay near to my home I told her for time been she can stay at my place which she agreed & her payment was fixed at 1.5k she told she will be joining from tomorrow as she will bring the luggage by today evening and she left
In the evening she came around 7.p.m I had just come from office she ask where can I keep the luggage I told her as I have 2 bed room she can keep it in one bed room adjoined to mine as they will be only me in the home she was very much comfortable she started her house hold work she use to cook very good I use to always enjoy her food and the house was clean my dress where washed & ironed every days as if my wife has come I never had a feel of sex with her she was like a friend with me watching TV with me coming to market for buying vegetables every thing was very good & I was very happy .
This happened after 1 month Shanthi took her salary and told that she want to send it to her children’s I told ok she told she want to come on my bike till the post office I agreed and we both where going suddenly she holed my laps and I felt a shock in my body her hand was near my cock I felt really good my feels and desire woke up for sex but I was ridding the bike & her boobs where touching my back some how I managed and we reached post office she didn’t know to write so I helped her it got through I told her now she can go home alone she told she can’t as she didn’t understand the road. Then I told ok I will drop you to home she smiled & sat now her hand was on my stomach & she was still closed as before she body was touching my back and guy she was so hot my body was full of temptations of having her but I never knew what she will feel so I enjoyed the ride & reached home
After reaching home I did my hand job & went back to my office
I reached home around 6:30 Shanthi gave me cup of tea and thanked me for the help and gave me smile she was looking cute now I asked her what she will cook to thank me she told u ask what you want I will give you every thing I just kept Quite now I was still in the hall & needed some cigarettes I don’t know where she had kept so I went to see what she was doing. The moment I entered I saw her sari was leaning on the chair I shouted where are you she replied that she in bath room having bath I took her sari in my hand I was feeling horny now my devil mind said that I shroud see this Queen how she looks nude so I just went near the window from there I could see she was having bath she was completely nude clean armpit no hairs and her pussy was hairy soft legs she was looking great suddenly I thought in my mind that if she come to know she will leave the job so lets be cool wait for a opportunity so I came to hall and started to smoke now she came and asked if I get my cigarettes I asked her why did she have bath in the evening she told that there was no power and she had sweated a lot so had to have bath I told ok I moved to watch TV she was in kitchen I was watching Zee MGM there was a lovely movie coming in that I was just watching after that Shanthi came and there was a seine in TV a man kissing & having sex with a female.
Shanthi saw me seeing that she asked why do u watch such a movies its not good I asked her u don’t like she told its sin to watch I told her there are lots of bad moved & worse then this she asked what will be there in those one I asked her if she wanted to watch she told no . hearing this I felt sad and we both went had out dinner Shanthi asked again what will be worse then those movie I said wait I will show and took a blue film from my cupboard and showed her on my computer she was seeing 2 guys having sex with a single female she was giving blow job she was now very hot and never spoke any thing watching the moves I slowly touched her boobs from back she didn’t say any thing I got bold & removed her sari Palo & stared to kiss her neck and bit her ears & lick them removed her hairs now suddenly she got up I thought she will scold me she saw my eyes and asked will you give me my happiness which I lost for 10yrs after her hubby I smiled and said yes she kissed my chest removed my shirt and I picked her up & laid her on my bed she unzipped my pant & give me a good blow job I enjoyed it the I sucked my pussy teased her cum wow now guys its my turn to have it inside I put some cream & inserted inside she had a tight pussy it was very difficult for us we both where enjoying the pain and I fucked her till 3a.m I filled her pussy with my cum she was crying with the pain we had trice that day and later on we had every day she was like a wife for me we both use to sleep nude
And I got a couple friend with whom we enjoyed group fun Shanthi me & the couples all where in haven for 2 days Saturday & Sunday now I have been shifted from Noida to bangalore back I visit Delhi hyderabad chennai kerala & mumbai every month in my new job now Shanthi is working with my couple friends home they enjoy it as I was enjoying
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Sister In Law With Pleasure

Hi my name is harsh, i am 24, 5”11”, young and dynamic guy from Pune. Her name is Tanya she is mother of 2 kids and its surprising that she has maintained herself so well that she looks like unmarried and in figure of a 24C 32 36 and she is 5”9’tall having very slim legs, every one will love to lik it. This is the real incidence happened between me and my sis in law (Bhabhi)about five months before when I was on vacation to my native place.
It is very usual that we(bhabhi and me) used to watch movies till late night on my laptop in my room, we used to share many personal things with each other till late night, used to talk about my girlfriends and my past experiences, her boyfriends before the marriage n all. As I have my own company I do go for vacations to my native every alternate weekend. So we used to share all happening things in our life.
It was 11 pm in the night and we both were watching movie on my laptop as usual, my cousin had gone to business trip for few days, it was winter season so I offered her my duvet, and we shared one duvet hence we came closer almost touched each other by sides and our hands were inside the duvet, the movie was romantic and there were various bed scenes in it. When the bed scene used to come on screen she used to breathe heavily and I was feeling that she is doing something in her saree.
I ignored that few time as i was busy watching movie. It was the sexiest bed scene of the movie on screen and i started feeling movements of her hand on my legs, she was breathing very heavily and we looked at each other and came more closer to each other so close that we could feel breathing and warm air around, then slowly slowly our lips tutched and we started kissing each other gently.
I started moving hands on her back and she was pulling me towards her she removers her pallu from her shoulders that gave me direct access to her huge warm and heavy boobs. I started moving myhands on her boos n her navel and her sexy butts. Our legs were twisted with each other, slowly she started pulling her saree upwards it gave me warm n smooth feel of her slim and waxed legs, thies and upper this our breath was warm and fast
I liked her ears and my hand was moving on her neck and inside her hair suddenly she shoked like current hav passed through her body and she started hugging me so tightly that i could feel her nipples and my heavy dick was rubbing her pussy from outside.
She has removed my tee and went down to remove my short she removed my short and hold my huge erected dick in her hands and started rubbing it gently I pulled her up and I pulled below me I sat on her tummy and started removing her blouse the hooks of blouse became so tight because of heavy boobs it took me a while to unhook her blouse she helped me in removing the same suddenly after removing her last hook two huge warm and heavy books was trying to popped out so i helped them by unhooking the bra what a scene that was two huge heavy warm boobs was waiting for me to squeeze them lik them suck them and fuck them
I started liking the nipples and squeezing she started monoring… uuhaaaaaa hhhhh do it like that do suck it suck it harderrr more hard … bite it, uuuuu aaaaa aauuchhhh ohhhhh yesssss do it come on doooo it ohhh i am ffeeeeelllinnggg so nice come on don’t stop it ever suck it hard suck it come on ohhh yyyaa. She was crazy about that I went down towards her navel and started liking the navel and my hands was squeezing her boobs and moving on her thies and
I started removing her saree and all then i got a suer sexy view of her clean shaved wet horny tight pussy oh fuck what a scene it was. I suddenly my dick became hard and became heavy like never before I fist kissed her pussy lips then i liked whole pussy then put my toung inside her pussy. Then i started liking her clit she again felt like current have gone through her body and she forced my mouth on her pussy i was liking her clit and she was ohhh
Yaaaahhaaouccchaaa cm on lik that pussy lik it cm on fuck it hard cm on lik it ohhh yyyaaaa oh my gooodddd u are too good in that cm on lik it ojhhh yyaa cm on now fuck me she said and hold my 10 inch hard dick and put on her pussy she pulled me towards her and started pushing herself upwards to get fucked by hard dick she spread her legs and that shoed me a wide open wet pussy waiting for my monster shaft to drill in!
I kissed her lips squeeze her boobs hold her boobs in my hand and pulled myself upwards and started slowly slowly drilling the wet pussy up down up down faster and faster she was screeming like ohhh yaaa cm oh my gooodddd you rrrrrrr toooo goooddd cm on fuck that pussy harder gv me that dick cm on do it do it harder cm on pohhh aaaayyyyaaa ohhhh cm on fuck me cm on baby fuck meeee harder and harder cm ooonn nnnn she was stroking me from dwn and i
I was drilling from up her pussy was so tight to hold my hard dick what a feeling of fucking a real tight pussy ohhh goddd she was gone crazy oohhh cm onnnnn fuckkkkk mmmweeeeee harrrrddd fuck that horny pussyyy fuck that harder cm on fuck me fuck me ohhh yaaa cm on fucckkkkk it harder and harder and harder cm on do it likt that cm onnn do it and then she started screeming like cmmonnnn fuckkkk it harder i am cumming ohhh yehhh cm ooonnn Oohyyyaaaa ohhhh ouchhh my godddd ohhhhaaaaa oh fuck its too goodddd uohhhh yyyaaaa u are too good in fuucking ooohh my goooddd I then she came over me and she put my dick inside her pussy and started stroking from above her boobs was bouncing like basket balls as she was ridding on me I was stroking her from down harder so hard that the she was feeling something real is in her pussy.
Her pussy was so tight and in betn she was holding my dick inside her pussy I don’t know how… she was stroking from down very fast that she wanted secong orgasm I was stroing her from downnnn harder than ever my every stroke was as more harder than previous and she was njoyng it like anything i could see that on her face ohhh yaaa cm on fuck me baby cm on fuck me from down fuck that pusssy fuck that harder cm on fuck itttt then i was about to come so i started
Stroking her fast she also ridding over me faster and faster and faster it was heaven there i cummed inside her pussy and her pussy was started flowing like tap ohhh my dick was still inside her pussy n it was hard he was holding tht from inside. We kissed each other gently and hugged tightly then she said that it was the best sex she ever had in her life n she saind that she would love to have sex with me every time when ill go home it was sooo good then
I helped her dressing up her clothes and she then kissed my dick and said that she will never ferget this monster in her life. We still share same bed whenever i go home for holidays and all the time she is waiting for me. Guy’s this is my 1st real story for feedback Cmd me 
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திரையரங்கில் காமக்களியாட்டம் !!

எனக்கு வயசு 41. வாளிப்பான உடம்பு. ஒரு மகன். வயசு 11. பள்ளிக்கூடம் போயிடுவான். என் கணவரும் எப்போவும் வேலை வேலைன்னு இருப்பாரு. அவருக்கு என் கூட நேரம் கழிக்கிறதே ஒரு பெரிய வேலை போல சலிச்சுக்குவார். அதுனாலே நானும் அவரை தொந்தரவு செய்யாமல், நான் உண்டு என் வீட்டு வேலை உண்டுன்னு இருப்பேன். அப்போ அப்போ பக்கத்தில் இருக்கிற சினிமா தியேட்டருக்கு மட்டும் போய் படம் பார்ப்பேன். சில சமயம் ரொம்ப போர் அடித்தால், சுமாரான படம் கூட போவேன். என் பொழுது கழியணுமே..?

அன்னிக்கும் அப்படித்தான். ஏதொ ஒரு படம் போட்டிருந்தாங்க. ஆனாலும் போனேன். மெல்லிசா ஒரு நீல நிற புடவையும், கருப்பு நிற ரவிக்கையும் போட்டுக்கிட்டு போனேன். சின்ன ரவிக்கை என் உடம்பை கவ்வி, என் மார் அழகை எடுப்பா காமிச்சிச்சி. ஆம்பளை பார்த்தா அவ்வளவு தான். கசக்கிடணும்னு அலைவான். இப்படி நெனைச்சுக்கிட்டே தியேட்டருக்கு போனேன். அன்னிக்கு புதன் கிழமையானதாலே, கூட்டம் இல்ல. படமும் ரொம்ப சுமாரான படம். உடனே டிக்கெட் கிடைச்சிச்சி. எனக்கு முன் ரோவிலும் பின்னாடி ரோவிலும் என்னை சுத்தி யாருமே இல்ல. ஆன கொஞ்ச நேரம் கழிச்சி படம் ஆரம்பிச்சடும் ரெண்டு பேர் வந்தாங்க. எனக்கு இடது பக்கத்து சீட்டிலே உட்கார்ந்தாங்க. சின்ன பசங்க தான். வயசு 18, 19 இருக்கும்.

படத்தில் ஒரு பாடல் காட்சி வந்தது. நாயகி கவர்ச்சியான உடை போடிருந்தா. வெரும் ஒரு கச்சையும் கீழே ஒரு சின்ன துணியும் தான். நாயகன் அவளை படுக்க வெச்சி கழுத்து, மாரு, வயிறு, இடுப்புன்னு தடவிக்கிட்டு இருந்தான். அவளும் உதட்டை கடிச்சுக்கிட்டே அவனுக்கு வாகா உடம்பை காட்டிக்கிட்டு இருந்தா. நாயகன் அவ உடம்பிலே விளையாடிக்கிட்டு இருந்தான். எனக்கு ஒரு மாதிரி இருந்திச்சி. பக்கத்துலே வேறு ரெண்டு பையனுங்க. வேறு யாரும் இல்லை எங்களை சுத்தி. ஒரு வித மயக்கம் எனக்கு. என் உடம்பை என் கணவர் தொட்டே பல நாள் ஆகிடுச்சி. என் தள தள உடம்புக்கு ஒரு ஆணின் கை வேண்டி இருந்திச்சி.

இப்படி நினச்சிக்கிட்டு இருக்கும்போதே ஒரு கை திடீர்னு என் மார் மேலே பட்டுச்சி. பக்கத்துலே உட்கார்ந்து இருந்ததாலே தெரியாம பட்டு இருக்கும்னு நெனைசேன். ஆனா மனசு பேயாட்டம் ஆடிச்சி. நெருங்கி உட்கார்ந்துகிட்டேன். இப்போ மறுபடி பட்டுச்சி. ஆனா அவன் கையை எடுக்கல. நானும் ஒண்ணும் சொல்லாததுனாலே அவனுக்கு தைரியம் வந்து, இன்னும் நல்லா கையை வெச்சிக்கிட்டான் சீட்டு கை மேலே. நான் படம் பாக்குறாப்போல நடிச்சேன். அவன் மெதுவா அப்படி இப்படி நகருறாப்போல நடிச்சி, என் மாரை தன்னோட முட்டியாலே தேச்சான். நான் அப்படியே இருந்தேன். என் மாரு தானா முன்னாடி தூக்கிக்கிச்சி.

அவனுக்கு அது ரொம்ப தைரியத்தை குடுத்திச்சி. மெதுவா தன்ன்னோட இடது கையை எடுத்து, என் மாராப்புக்குள்ளே விட்டான். இடது கை தானே அவனுக்கு நல்ல வசதி? புடவை கட்டி இருந்ததாலே எனக்கும் என்னோட இடது பக்கம் தானே திறந்திருக்கும்..?? அவன் கை என் ரவிக்கை மேலே தடவிச்சி. தடவிக்கிட்டே என்னோட பட்டனை அவுத்தான். அப்போவும் நான் பேசாம இருந்தேன். அதனால் இன்னும் தைரியம் வந்து, என் கிட்டே ப்ராவை அவுக்க சொன்னான். அவுத்தேன். அவன் இப்போ அவசரமாவும் அழுத்தமாவும் என் ப்ராவை தூக்கி, மாரை கசக்கினான், கசக்கி பிழிஞ்சான். மேலே புடவையால் மூடியும், உள்ளே மார் திறந்து கிடக்க, அவன் கை மேய்ஞ்சதும் ரொம்ப இன்பமா இருந்திச்சி. அவனுக்காக என் மொத்த மாரையும் ஆசையா தந்தேன். இடது மாரு, வலது மாருன்னு அவன் கை விளையாடிச்சி. காணாததை கண்டவன் போல அவன் கை அப்படி அலைஞ்சிச்சி இப்படியும் அப்படியும். நாங்க படமே பார்க்கல. அவன் சுத்தி சுத்தி பார்த்து, தன் தலையை என் மாராப்புக்குள்ளே விட்டான். என் முலை ரெண்டும் அவன் வாய் வைக்கிறதுக்காக துடிச்சிக்கிட்டு இருந்திச்சி. துடிக்கிற இடது முலையை அவன் முதல்லே சப்பினான். அப்புறம் ஏங்கிக்கிடந்த வலது முலையையும் அவன் விடல. வாயாலே விளையாடினான். கடிச்சான், சப்பினான், நக்கினான். மொத்தத்துலே அவன் என்னை பாடா படுத்தினான். கத்த முடியாமல், ஆனா கத்தணும் போல வெறி எனக்கு. அவனோட மீசையும், கன்னத்துலே இருந்த முடியும் என் மென்மையான, வழ வழ மாருலே பட்டு, என் முலைக்காம்பை இன்னும் பெரிசாக்கிச்சி.

திடீர்னு அந்த பக்கத்துலே இருந்த பைய்யன் இவனை தொட, இவன் தலையை எடுத்தான். இடைவேளை போட்டாங்க. விளக்கு எரிஞ்சதும், இவங்க ரெண்டு பேரும் வெளியே போனாங்க. அப்போ தான் அவங்க முகத்தை பார்த்தேன். படிக்காத பசங்க போல இருந்தாங்க. நிறைய்ய நீலப்படம் பார்த்து கெட்டுப்போன பசங்க போல இருந்தாங்க. எனக்கு கிளுகிளுப்பு. நானோ படிச்சவ. இதைப்போல பசங்க என்னை தொடுறதை நான் கனவிலே கூட நெனைச்சதில்ல. அதுவே என்னை ஒரு மாதிரி ஆக்கிச்சி. எப்போடா மறுபடி படம் ஆரம்பிக்கும்னு காத்திருந்தேன். என் புடவையை லூசாக கட்டி இருந்ததாலே, புடவையை இறக்கி, தொப்புளுக்கு மிக கீழே வெச்சிக்கிட்டேன். தொப்புளுக்கு ரெண்டு இஞ்சு கீழே என் புடவை. காத்து பட்டதாலே, கிறக்கமா இருந்திச்சி. எப்போடா வருகாங்க இவங்கன்னு மனசு அடிச்சிக்க, உட்கார்ந்திருந்தேன்.

படம் ஆரம்பிச்சிச்சி. அந்த பையஙளும் வந்தாங்க. இப்பொ இன்னொரு பைய்யன் என் வலது பக்கத்துலே உட்கார்ந்தான். என் ரவிக்கை போடாமலே இருந்திச்சி. வந்ததுமே இடது பக்க பையன் வேலையை ஆரம்பிச்சான். வலது பக்கம் இருந்தவன் தன் கையை என் வலது மார் மேலே வெச்சான். ஆன அது தெரிஞ்ச்சி போயிடுமே..?? அதனாலே இழுத்து போர்திக்கிட்டேன். இப்போ வலது பக்கம் கையை வெச்சா கூட தெரியாது. அவனும் தன்னோட வலது கையை என்னோட வலது மார்பில் வெச்சான். ரெண்டு பக்கமும் ரெண்டு கை. ஆளுக்கு ஒரு மாரு. ஆளுக்கு ஒரு முலை. வலது பக்க பையனும் என் மாராப்பில் தலையை விட்டு சப்பினான். அப்பப்பா...என்ன இன்பம்...!!! சொர்க்கம்...!!!! இது தான் சொர்க்கம் !!!! என் மாரை தாராளமா தந்தேன் ரெண்டு பேருக்கும். பால் குடுத்த மார்பு...சப்பிய முலை....தேங்காய் போல இருந்திச்சி என் மாரு. இள நீர் காய் போல...கனம் என்பதால் லேசாக தொங்கி இருந்திச்சி. ஆனா ஏராளமா இருந்திச்சி. கைக்கு தாராளமா....ஆம்பளைக்கு பிடிச்சாப்போல....ஆம்பளைக்கு சுகம் குடுப்பதாக.....அதை பார்த்தாலே ஒரு ஆம்பளைக்கு எழும்பிரும்..வெறியிலே துடிப்பான். 
கடிங்கடா கடீங்கன்னு ரெண்டு பேரையும் அழுத்தினேன் மாரோட. ரெண்டு முலையும் முலைக்காம்பும் என்ன பாக்கியம் செஞ்சுருக்கணும்...??!!!! ரெண்டு பழமும் கடிபட்டு, அணில் கடிச்ச பழமா கிடந்துச்சி.

இடது பக்க பையனின் கை மெதுவா என் தொப்புளுக்கு வந்திச்சி. தொப்புளுக்குள்ளே ஒரு விரலை விட்டான். நான் நெளிஞ்சேன். என் இடுப்பை அவன் தொடுறதுக்கு வாகா வெச்சிக்கிட்டேன். வலது பக்க பையனும் தொப்புளை தடவினான். மாரை கடிச்சுக்கிட்டே தொப்புளை தடவுறது எத்தனை சுகம் !!! அதுவும் ரெண்டு பேர் !!!! ரெண்டு முலைகளுக்கும் ஒரே நேரத்துலே சந்தோஷம் !!!!

வலது பக்க பைய்யன் சொன்னான் :" சூப்பரா இருக்கே...உன்னாலே என் பூலு தூக்கிக்கிச்சிடி"

இடது பக்க பைய்யன் சொன்னான்: "உன் பூலு மட்டுமா பாண்டி? என் பூலும் தான். ஏய் கையை வைடீ பூலு மேலே." அவனுங்க ரெண்டு பேரும் ஜிப்பை கழட்டி பூலை வெளியிலே எடுத்தாங்க. அப்பாடீ...எத்தனை பெரீசு..!!! நான் ரெண்டு கையாலேயும் அவனுங்க ரெண்டு பூலையும் பிடிச்சேன். கையாலே உருவினேன். அவனுங்க என் மாரை விடல. அவனுங்களும் கடிச்சுக்கிட்டு இருந்தாங்க ஆளுக்கு ஒரு பக்கமா. என் கை அவனுங்க பூலை ஆசையாவும் வெறியோடவும் உருவிச்சி. பெரிசாகிட்டே போன அவனுங்க பூலு, கொஞ்ச நேரத்துலே கஞ்சியை கக்கிச்சு.

ஜிப்பை மாட்டிக்கிட்டே கேட்டாங்க "அடிக்கடி வருவியா இங்க..?"

"அப்போ அப்போ வருவேன்...னீங்க..??"

"னாங்களும் தான். அப்போ அப்போ இப்பிடி எதாவது மாட்டும். இன்னிக்கு நீ. வசம்மா சிக்கினே. தள தளன்னு இருக்கே. விடுவமா..?? அதான் பக்கத்துலே உட்கார்ந்தோம். புரிஞ்சிச்சா? கசக்குனதும் கடிச்சதும் பிடிச்சிச்சா?" கண்ணடித்தார்கள்.

என்ன இருந்தாலும் என்ன? சுகம்மா இருந்திச்சே..?

"என் உடம்பு பூரிச்சு போச்சு உங்க கை பட்டு."

"ம்ம்...எங்க கை வேலை நல்லா இருந்திச்சுல்லே..? உன் கை வேலையும் தாண்டீ"

"என் மாரு இன்னும் இன்னும்னு கேக்குதே. ரெண்டு பக்கமும் ரெண்டு பேரு....அப்பப்பா...இப்படி நான் அனுபவிச்சதே இல்ல. என் ரெண்டு மாரும் தவிச்சிக்கிட்டு இருக்கு இன்னும். என் முலை ரெண்டும் துடிச்சுக்கிட்டு இருக்கே....ரெண்டு பேரும் என் ரெண்டு மாரையும் பிழிஞ்சி எடுத்துட்டீங்க. சுகமான சுகம். வேணும் வேணும் வேணும்னு அலையுதே...." மாரை தடவிக்கிட்டேன் மெதுவ்வ்வ்வ்வ்வா.

"அடிக்கடி வா இதே நேரத்துக்கு. நாங்க இருப்போம்" சொல்லிட்டு போனாங்க. என் உடம்பும் காத்திருக்கு ஆவலா வெக்கமில்லாம.

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வயசு இளசு.. கட்டிலுக்கு புதுசு !!

என் பேரு கதிர். வயசு 39. ஆனாலும் வயசு வித்யாசம் பார்க்காம நான் எல்லா பொண்ணுங்களையும் அனுபவிச்சிருக்கேன். வாய்ப்பு கெடைச்சா, யாருங்க விடுவாங்க? நான் ஒரு மில் தொழிலாளி. பார்க்க கூட சுமாரா தான் இருப்பேன். அப்படியும் பொண்ணுங்க எனக்கு கிடைக்குதே...ஆச்சர்யம் தான். அதுவே எனக்கு ஒரு கர்வத்தை குடுத்திச்சி. ஆனாலும் எனக்குன்னு ஒரு விருப்பம் இருக்கும் இல்லியா? எனக்கு 18, 19 வயசு பொண்ணுங்களை தான் ஓக்க பிடிக்கும்.

நான் தனியா ஒரு வீட்டு மாடியிலே தங்கி இருந்தேன். வீட்டுக்காரங்க வயசானவங்க. போக வர வேர வழி இருக்குறதாலே, அவங்களுக்கும் தொந்தரவு இல்ல. எனக்கும் வசதி.

ஒரு நாளு, வெளியே வந்து, மொட்டை மாடியிலே நின்னுட்டு இருந்தேன் காத்து வாங்க. அப்போ எதிர் வீட்டுலே ஒரு பொண்ணு இருக்கிறது தெரிஞ்சிச்சி. புதுசா குடி வந்திருக்காங்க போல இருக்கு. ஏன்னா, ஒரு பொண்ணும் என் கண்ணுலேந்து தப்பி இருக்காதே? அவளையே பார்த்தேன். 18, 19 வயசு இருக்கும். அவ்வளவா உயரம் கிடையாது. கலரும் கொஞ்சம் கம்மி. ஆனா உடம்பு குதிரை கணக்கா இருந்திச்சி. அத்தனை கிண்ணுன்னு. தாவணி போட்டிருந்தா. துணி உலர்த்திக்கிட்டு இருந்ததாலே, மாரெல்லாம் ஈரம் சொட்ட நின்னா. தாவணி ஒரு நைஞ்ச துணி போல அவ மார் மேலே இருந்திச்சி. அவளோட மாரு ரெண்டு கவுத்து வெச்ச பெரிய்ய தேங்காய் போல கூரா, நல்லா தூக்கி, வானத்தை பார்த்துக்கிட்டு இருந்திச்சி. ரவிக்கையை கழட்டினா கூட இதே அளவு கிண்ணுன்னு தான் இருக்கும் போல. அத்தனை குதிரைத்தனமா இருந்தா. அவளோட சின்ன ரவிக்கை பாவம் தேங்காயை மறைக்க முடியாம....தேங்காய் ரெண்டையும் எனக்கு தரிசனம் தந்துச்சி. துணி உலர்த்த கையை உயர்த்தினதாலே, அவளோட ரவிக்கையும் மேலே ஏறி, ரவிக்கைக்கு அடியிலிருந்தும் தேங்கை தரிசனம் கிடைச்சிச்சி. உயரம் கம்மி தான், ஆனாலும் உடம்பு இத்தனை வாளிப்பா இருக்கே?

அடுத்தது அவளோட தொப்புளு. கையை தூக்கி தூக்கி அவ துணி உலர்த்த, அவளோட தொப்புளும் மாரும் அளவில்லாம தெரிஞ்சிச்சி. எனக்கு உடம்பெல்லாம் தினவு. அவளை அப்போவே ஓக்கணும் போல ஒரு அரிப்பு.

"என்னடா....காலைலியே தரிசனமா?" குரல் கேட்டு திரும்பினா, என்னோட நண்பன் தீனா.

"வாடா. இன்னா சூப்பரா இல்ல பொண்ணோட உடம்பு?"

"அருமைடா. போடுறதுக்கு ஏத்த பொண்ணு. இத்தனை நாள் விட்டு வெச்சிருக்க மாட்டியே.."

"புதுசா குடி வந்திருக்காங்க போல..."

"அப்படி சொல்லு. அவளை பார்த்தா, எனக்கும் ஓக்கணும் போல இருக்குடா. முடியுமா?"

"முடியும்டா. என் நண்பன் நீ கேட்டுட்டே. அவளை எப்பிடியாவது மடக்கலாம்."

அப்போ அந்த பொண்ணு துணி உலர்த்திட்டு, வீட்டுக்கு உள்ளே போக திரும்பினா. ஆகா....அவளோட சின்ன ரவிக்கை அவ முதுகை மறைக்கலை. பாவாடையும் தொப்புளுக்கு கீழே இருந்ததாலே, பின்னாடியும் நல்ல தரிசனம். இடுப்பு அபாரமா இருந்திச்சி. அவளோட குண்டிகள் ரெண்டு குடங்கள். அவ அசைஞ்சு அசைஞ்சு போக, அவளோட குண்டியை இப்படியும் அப்படியும் மாறி மாறி பார்த்தோம்.

"பின்னாடி கூட ஓக்கணும்டா" தீனா சொன்னான்.

அவ கீழே இறங்கி போனதும் தாவணியை மாற்றிக்கிட்டு, காய்கறி பையை துக்கிக்கிட்டு கிளம்பினா மார்க்கெட்டுக்கு. நானும், தீனாவும் பின்னாலேயே போனோம். அவளை சரியான நேரத்தில் மடக்கி,

"ஏங்க, நீங்க....புதுசா குடி வந்திருக்கீங்களா சக்தி நகருக்கு?"ன்னு கேட்டேன்.

"ஆமாம்.... நீங்க....?"

"உங்க வீட்டு எதிர் வீடு தான்...."

அப்போ அவ தடுக்கி விழ போக.... அவ கையை தாங்கி புடிச்சேன். பட்டு போல...என்னா மென்மை..எனக்கு கரண்ட்டு வெச்சாப்போல இருந்திச்சி. அவளுக்கும் அப்படி தான் போல. உடனே கையை உதறினா. ஆனா முகம் காட்டி குடுத்திச்சி, அவ உடம்புக்கு அது சுகம்மா இருந்திச்சின்னு. பட்சியை பிடிச்சிட வேண்டியது தான்.

"இன்னிக்கு எனக்கு லீவு. மதியம் சாப்பாட்டுக்கு அப்புறம் வீட்டுக்கு வாங்களேன்..."

"ம்ம்" கூறி விட்டு, என்னை அடி கண்ணாலே பார்த்துட்டு போனா.

"டேய் தீனா....இன்னிக்கு வேட்டை தாண்டா."

"ஒரு புள்ளி மானும் ரெண்டு பசிச்ச மிருகங்களும்.." சிரிச்சான் தீனா.

நாங்க ஒரு மணிக்கே சாப்பிட்டுவிட்டு, தயாரா காத்திருந்தோம். அவ 2 மணிக்கு வந்தா. பிரவுன் நிற ரவிக்கை. அவளோட கலருக்கு அவ ரவிக்கை போடாதது போல ஒரு ப்ரமை குடுத்திச்சி. ப்ரவுன் நிறத்தில் வெள்ளை பூ போட்ட பாவாடையும், வெள்ளை தாவணியும் போட்டிருந்தா. வெள்லை தாவணி போட்டிருந்ததாலே, அவளோட ப்ரவுன் நிற ரவிக்கை நல்லா தெரிஞ்சிச்சி. பக்கத்துலே பார்க்க அவளோட தேங்காய் மாரு இன்னும் பெரிசா இருந்திச்சி. பலூன் போல. ஆனா நல்ல கெட்டியான பலூன். தாவணி அவளோட முலை காம்பு மேலே பட்டும் படாமலும் இருந்திச்சி. ரெண்டு பக்கமும். அதனாலே, ரெண்டு பக்கமும் அவளோட மாரு பார்க்க முடிஞ்சிச்சி. தொப்புளு தெரியல. தாவணி மூடி இருந்திச்சி. ஆனா என்னா...? பார்க்க தானே போறோம்...??

நானும் தீனாவும் லுங்கி கட்டி இருந்தோம். மேலே சொக்கா போடல.

"அய்யோ... நீங்க நிஜம்மாவே வந்துட்டீங்களா? வர மாட்டீங்கன்னு நினைச்சு சொக்கா கூட போடாம..."

"பரவா இல்ல" வெட்கத்தோட சிரிச்சா.

" நீங்க ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கீங்க" இது தீனா.

"தாங்க்ஸ்" அவ பார்வை எதிரே இருந்த போட்டோவில் பதிஞ்சு, "இது யாரு"ன்னு கேட்டுக்கிட்டே சுவத்து பக்கமா போனா. நாங்களும் அவ பின்னாடி போனோம். என்னத்துக்கு...அவளோட பின்னாடி நெருக்கமா நிக்கத்தான்...அவ குண்டிகளை இடிச்சும் இடிக்காமலும் நின்னோம். எப்போவும் போல சின்ன ரவிக்கை அவ முதுகை கூட மறைக்கல. அவ முதுகையும் இடுப்பையும் குண்டியையும் வெறிச்சி பார்த்தோம்.

"அது எங்க அப்பா" நான் சொல்லிக்கிட்டிருந்தப்போ, அவ திரும்பினா. திரும்பின வேகத்துலே அவளோட முந்தானை அவுந்து, வெறும் ரவிக்கையோட நின்னா. அத்தனை பக்கத்துலே அவளோட மார் காய்களை பார்த்தோம். 19 வயசு தேங்காய். நல்ல சத்துள்ள காய். பெரிய்ய காய். ம்ம்...பாவாடை தொப்புளுக்கு ரெண்டு இன்ச்சு கீழே தான் இருந்திச்சி. இன்னிக்கு வேட்டை நல்ல ருசியா இருக்கும்னு நினைச்சுக்கிட்டேன். எங்களுக்கு ரவிக்கையை கிழிக்கணும் போல வெறி. நாங்க ஜட்டி கூட போடாததாலே, எங்க பூலு லுங்கியை முட்டிக்கிட்டு, வெளியே வர திமிறிக்கிட்டு இருந்திச்சி. அவளோட முலையும் தான். ரவிக்கையை கிழிச்சுடுமோன்னு திமிறிக்கிட்டு இருந்திச்சி. திமிறின முலையை அடக்க தானேடீ இருக்கோம்? ஆம்பளைக்கு ஏங்கின முலைகள்னு பார்த்தாலே தெரிஞ்சிச்சி. கூரா தூக்கி இருக்குதே..? என்னை தொடு, தொடுன்னு தவிக்குதே..? ஆம்பளை சுகத்துக்கு தவிக்கிறவன்னு தெரிஞ்சிச்சி. எங்களை ரொம்ப பக்கத்துலே பார்த்து அவளுக்கு என்னமோ போல ஆயிடுச்சி. அது வெக்கமா, தாகமா, தாபமா....ஏதொ ஒண்ணு. ஆனா அவ அதை விரும்பினான்னு தெரிஞ்சிச்சி.

"அய்யோ...ச்சீ..." அவ கண்ணை மூடினா. உடம்பை மூடல. இது எங்களுக்கு தைரியத்தை குடுத்து, ரெண்டும் பேரும் ஆளுக்கு ஒரு தோளை பிடிச்சோம். அவ ஒண்ணும் சொல்லல. முகத்துலேந்து கையை எடுத்து, அப்படியே தலை குனிஞ்சு நின்னா எதிர்ப்பார்ப்போட. அவளோட முலைக்காம்பு நல்ல கூரா தூக்கி இருந்திச்சி. தோளிலிருந்து இறங்கி, அவளோட உப்பி இருந்த மாரை ஆளுக்கு ஒண்ணா பிடிச்சு அமுக்கினோம். காம்பு கையிலே குத்திச்சி.

"இன்னா கிண்ணுன்னு இருக்கு கதிரு..." தீனா சொல்லிக்கிட்டு அவ மாரை கசக்கி, அவ ரவிக்கையோட சேர்த்து அவ காம்பை திருகினான்.

"ம்ம்...." அவ மொனகினா. எங்களுக்கு குஷி. அப்படியே கசக்கி கசக்கி, அவளோட ரவிக்கை பட்டனை கழட்டினோம். அவ மறுப்பு சொல்லல. அவுக்கும்போது தெரிஞ்சிச்சி, அவ ப்ரா போடலைன்னு. வெறும் மாரோட எங்க முன்னாலே நின்னா. அதுவும் நல்லா தூக்கிக்கிட்டு. கண்ணை மூடி இருந்தா.

எங்க லுங்கியை அவுத்தோம்....நாங்க. ரெண்டு பேர் இப்படி ஒரு 19 வயசு அறியாப்பொண்ணு முன்னாலே அவுத்துட்டு நிக்கிறது போதை ஏத்திச்சி எங்களுக்கு. அவளுக்கு முன்னாலே அசிங்க அசிங்கமா பண்ணணும்னு தோணிச்சி.

"கண்ணை தொறந்து பாரு....அப்போ தானே நீயும் எங்களை பார்க்க முடியும்? எங்களோட உடம்பை பாருடீ...எங்களுக்கும் காமிச்சா கிக்கு..."ன்னேன்.

அவ மெதுவா கண்ணை திறந்து பார்த்து, மறுபடி அய்யோன்னு மூடிக்கிட்டா. ஆனா அவளுக்கு ஆசை விடல. கண்ணை மறுபடி திறந்து எங்களை பார்த்தா. நாங்க அம்மணமா, தூக்கின பூலோட அவளை பார்த்து இளிச்சுக்கிட்டு நின்னோம். தீனா தன்னோட பூளை பிடிச்சு ஆட்டினான்.

"பூலை முன்ன பின்ன பார்திருக்கியா? எப்பிடி இருக்கு? இதை வெச்சி தாண்டி ஒன்ன ஓக்க போறோம். ஓக்கறதுன்னா என்னான்னு தெரியுமா?"

"தெரியாது" அவ அதையே பார்த்துட்டு நின்னா. தீனா இன்னும் குஷியானான்.

"இந்தா....தொடு" அவ தயக்கமா தொட்டா ரெண்டையும் ரெண்டு கையாலே. எங்க பூலு இன்னும் தூக்கிக்கிச்சி.

"சப்புடீ"ன்னான் தீனா. அவ புரியாம பார்த்தா. "வாயிலே வெச்சி, கோன் ஐஸ் சாபுடுறாப்போல சாப்புடு"..

அவ ரெண்டு பூலையும் மாறி மாறி சப்புனா. தொண்டை வரை விட சொன்னான் தீனா. அவளும் நல்லா சப்புனா. எங்களோட நீள பூலு அவளோடதொண்டை வரை போயி வெளிலே வந்திச்சி. அவ தன்னோட வாயை அகல திறந்து, பூளை உள்ளே விட்டு சப்புனா. நாங்க அவளோட மாரை பிசைஞ்ச்சோம். அவளோட மாரு ரெண்டும் வீங்க வீங்க பிசைஞ்ச்சோம். ரொம்ப நாளைக்கு அப்புறம் ஒரு பருவப்பெண்ணை தொடுறது எனக்கு வெறி ஏத்திச்சி. [   ] அவ மாரை கன்னாபின்னான்னு கையாலே பிசைஞ்சேன். அவளுக்கு வலி எடுத்தாலும் அது சுகம்மா இருந்திச்சி.

"இன்னா...என்னோட கையி பட்டா எப்பிடி இருக்கு? சொல்லுடீ..... சிறுக்கி முண்ட..."

"ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு. பண்ணிக்கிட்டே இருங்க. பண்ணிக்கிட்டே இருங்க. சுகம்ம்ம்ம்ம்மா இருக்கு"

எங்களுக்கு கஞ்சி வரும் போல இருந்திச்சி. வேக வேகமா அவ பாவாடையை அவுத்தோம்.

"மொதல்லே நான் டா...ப்ளீஸ்" தீனா கெஞ்சுனான். சரின்னு விட்டு குடுத்தேன். அவன் தன்னோட பூலை சொறுகி, அவ மேலே எகிறி எகிறி குதிச்சு ஓத்தான். நான் அவளோட மாரை சப்புனேன். அவ கத்துனா. ஆனா அவன் நிறுத்தல. கஞ்சியை ஊத்திட்டு தான் எழுந்தான்.

அடுத்தது நான் தயாரா இருந்தேன். இவங்க ஓத்ததை பார்த்து எனக்கு பூலு இன்னும் பெரிசாச்சு. அப்படியே அதை சொறுகினேன்.

"இந்தாடி வாங்கிக்க...ம்ம்...ம்ம்...ம்ம்..."


அவளோட சத்தத்தை கேட்டு இன்னும் இன்னும் அடித்தேன் உள்ளே. அவ திணறினா. தீனா அவளோட மாரை பிடிச்சு கசக்கினான். பல்லாலே கடிச்சான். அவ துள்ளினா. அவன் இன்னும் அதிகமா கடிச்சு அவளை குதறினான்.

நானும் நிறுத்தலை. என் வெறி அடங்க நேரம் ஆச்சு.

"அவளை பின்னாடியும் ஓக்கணுமேடா"ன்னான் தீனா.

உடனே அவளை கட்டில் மேலே கவுந்து முட்டி போட வெச்சோம்.

" நல்லா குனிடீ.....குண்டியை தூக்கு." அவளும் இதுக்கு காத்திருந்தா போல தூக்கினா.

" நல்லா தூக்குறாடா." தீனா சிரித்தான்.

"இப்போ நானுடா"ன்னு சொல்லி முதல்லே நான் என் பூலை அவளோட டைட்டான ஓட்டையில் விட்டேன். வலியிலே அவ துடிச்சா. ஆனா அது அவளுக்கு வேண்டி இருந்திச்சுன்னு அவ குண்டியை தூக்கி தூக்கி குடுத்த விதத்துலே தெரிஞ்சிச்சி.
சொறுகி சொறுகி எடுத்தேன். ஒரு குதிரையை அடக்குற திருப்தி கெடைச்சிச்சி. அவளை இன்னும் குனிய வெச்சி ஓட்டு ஓட்டுன்னு ஓட்டினேன். வெறி அடங்குனதும் மறுபடி கஞ்சியை ஊத்திட்டு எழுந்தேன்.

தீனா வேகமா வந்தான். அவ முதுகை பிடிச்சு அழுத்தி,

"குனிஞ்சுக்கிட்டே இருடீ. உன்னை இன்னிக்கு ஒரு வழி பண்ணிட்டு தான் விடுவேன். இன்னா பெரிய குண்டி. என் பூலும் பெரிசு தாண்டி. வாங்கிக்க. இந்தா...ம்ம்...இந்தா..." அடி அடின்னு அடிச்சான். அவ இந்த உலகத்துலேயே இல்ல. மொனகினா..கத்துனா...கதறினா...

"அய்யோ...அய்யோ...குத்துங்க. குத்துங்க. எனக்கு வெறி அடங்கல. இன்னும் விரிக்கணுமா? இன்னும் குனியணுமா?"

"ம்ம்..குனி...முண்ட....இன்னும் வேணுமா? உன்ன இன்னிக்கு கிழிக்கிறேண்டீ..."

"என்னை சக்கையா பிழிங்க. என்னை நார் நாரா ஆக்குங்க. என்னை நாசப்படுத்துங்க."

"படுத்துறேண்டி. நார் நாரா ஆகுறேன்." அவளோட முடியை பிடிச்சு இழுத்து, இன்னும் வேகமா குத்தினான். அவ வலியிலே கத்தினா. தீனா விடல. அவளை நாசப்படுத்தினான். ஒரு வெறி பிடிச்ச மிருகம் போலவே இருந்தான். அவ உடம்பு குலுஙிச்சி மேலும் கீழும். அரை மணி நேரம் அவளை ஓத்தான். கஞ்சியை ஊத்திட்டு, எழுந்தான்.

அவளும் எழுந்தா. ஆனா முட்டி வலியும் உடம்பு வலியும் சேர்ந்து, அவளால் நிக்க கூட முடியல.

"இன்னா...னார் நாரா ஆக்கிட்டோமா? சிரிச்சான் தீனா.

"இத்தனை வெறியா?ன்னு வியந்தாள் அவள்.

"உன் உடம்பை பார்த்த கிழவனுக்கு கூட வெறி வரும்டி. இப்படி உடம்பை வளர்த்து வெச்சிருக்கியே...இன்னா சாப்புடுறே அப்பிடி? "ன்னு சொல்லிட்டு, நான் அவளோட மாரை பிடிச்சு கசக்கினேன்.

"னீங்க கசக்கி கசக்கியே அதை இன்னும் பெரிசாக்கிட்டீங்க"ன்னு வெக்கப்பட்டுக்கிட்டே, ரவிக்கையை மாட்டுனா.

"தயாரா தான் வந்திருந்தே....ப்ரா இல்லாம..."தீனா சொன்னான். " நாங்க தொடுவோம்னு தானே?"


"வெக்கத்துக்கு ஒண்ணும் கொறைச்சல் இல்ல உன் கிட்ட. ஆனா நல்லா தூக்கி தூக்கி குடுக்குறே.... நல்ல ஓக்க ஏத்தவடீ நீ. நாளைக்கும் வா இதே மணிக்கு. இன்னா? இன்னும் கொஞ்சம் கவர்ச்சியா வா."

"எப்படி?" அவ அப்பாவியா கேட்டா.

"முந்தானையை கொஞ்சம் அப்படி இப்படி போட்டுட்டு வா. தொப்புளை காமி. குண்டியை மெதுவா ஆட்டிக்கிட்டு நட. இன்னா?" அவளோட மாரை விடாம பிசைஞ்சுக்கிட்டே இருந்தேன். அந்த காய்களை தொடுறதே கிக்கு.


"இது தாண்டி உன் கிட்ட புடிச்சிருக்கு. நல்லா ஒத்துழைக்கிறே" பாராட்டினான் தீனா.

அவளும் தலை குனிஞ்சு வெக்கப்பட்டுக்கிட்டே, "வர்றேன் நாளைக்கு"னு சொல்லிட்டு போனா.
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My Father In Law & His Old Friend

This happened recently. My name is Latha, father in law is Rakesh Prasad, husband is Vijay who lives at Kuwait, and mother in law is Sarita Devi. I am 29 yrs old having one kid 2 years old. I got married 8 years back.
Earlier I had written my real story about how I was being cared in my in law’s home. Once my husband and in laws opened the words of incest and made me a family slut, we all began living happily in one room. We all sleep together. We do not know the real father of my kid, my husband or his dad. All our incest activities started because of my husband’s infidelity.
Once my husband got job in Kuwait last year, he began staying there; he was supposed be back by next year only. I along with mother in law live with father in law as his two wives inside our home and outside, nobody knows. We have regular threesome sex in house. And my husband is aware of all our activities between father in law, mother in law and yours truly as we regularly inform him of our sex escapades.
Last week my father in law’s friend and his long time office boss Keshav Rajaendran visited our city. He was working with father in law for almost 11 years before retiring and he helped my father in law in many ways. There were even some allegations against Kumar and my father in law in finance issue of company and I heard that my mother in law and Kumar were seen some places in wrong circumstances. We went to meet him in is house.
Kumar welcomed us very well. He was all alone, now a widower and his sons were abroad. While we were going back to home by bus father in law kept pressing my breasts from under the saree pallu. I caught his cock and squeezed it. No one noticed it in the bus. I remained wet all the time. When reached home I was very horny for a fuck.
At night while my father in law was fucking me, mother in law opened her secret relationship with Kumar uncle, “Kumar is a very good fucker. He has fucked me many times. His wife knew this as she fucked your father in law. All four of us (Kumar uncle along with his wife and us two) used to go for trip and we did not have any barriers and used to enjoy each other like anything. It was one of the best part of our life. We are telling you now no one knows it outside the house.”
Only I know about it outside their club. I did not tell that I heard something from outside about their sex affairs. Then they informed that Kumar uncle is coming to stay with us this weekend. My father in law expected aunt and me to be ready to do anything for him. I was reluctant to say yes, as papa told me not to inform hubby anything about this or to ask him anything.
He arrived on the scheduled day. He came by evening around 7.00pm only. We wore saree without blouse when he entered in to home itself. He called me as Latha daughter and mother in law with her name. In addition, they discussed about how it was difficult to make me ready for this. And we told him that if my hubby got to know he will kill us.
We told him that I am the family slut here as my husband is away, we all are sleeping in same bed, and all are having sex together. Kumar uncle pulled me towards him and pressed my uncovered breast. The he held my waist and tummy. He praised my figure and body. He traced the outline of my waist, breasts, ass and thighs. Every line was smooth, firm, trim, and just right.
After all, I was only twenty-nine years old. I should not be getting fat and sloppy. It was a good body, a great body and I admired it even more in the mirror at the bedside where I was regularly getting a fuck by my father in law, and Kumar was hell bent upon taking me raw in places which I had been only with Father in law and my husband. Now I had to take lead as Kumar was 57 years old with 8-inch long cock, which took half hour to get erect fully and 40 minutes to shrink.
So I put my lips on his lips and he became very excited by this and he responded me by taking my lips in his mouth and inserted his tongue in my mouth. His hands were now on my breast, which he was caressing and rubbing gently. I whispered in his ears, “You are very lovely old man. I like you very much.” He was rubbing my breast, my breast became too hard, and my nipples got erected. I moved my hand to his thighs and placed on it.
My hand was moving on his thighs and reached his penis. I opened his pajama string and slid it little down, as his cock was now free from cloths. I slide my hand on his cock and I touched his cock. I became excited to feel his manhood, as he was a perfect man not an old hag. He had very big cock, which was semi, erect by the time. I started wondering how large and thick will it become after full erection. I took his cock in my hand and started moving my hand down and up. His cock reached full erection.
I was still holding his cock in my hand and was rubbing it. Suddenly he moved towards the back and said to my mother in law, “I am sorry.” “For what?” she asked him. He replied, “I am fucking your daughter in law before you.” Mom (MIL) replied, “You have done nothing, I have done all this with you before so I have allowed you to fuck my DIL before me.” I said, “Do not feel guilty.” Saying this I bent down and started kissing his cock softly.
I was kissing, licking and sucking his cock he was moaning and saying, “You are too nice.” I was so happy that I had him entirely for me at last. Then he put his hand on my waist. He caught my tits in his hand and rubbed them for a while, and then he put my one tit in his mouth and kissed, licked it, and at last sucked my tit and squeezed the other with his hand. He then interchanged the process.
I was moaning “Uncle…. ooo..yess.” Then I caught his hand, led it to my pussy, and placed it on it. He started squeezing my pussy. As I was sucking his dick, which now became in its full erection and was not less than 8’’. I was very happy in my heart that I selected the correct one. My MIL asked him, “Have you seen anything so beautiful as my DIL’s tits and pussy”, he said, “I am seeing it in for the first time.”
So I said, “You sucked my nipples now see my pussy.” I opened my saree and pulled it out now. I was now totally nude. We sat in the bed and he bent to see my cunt. He put his mouth on my cunt to kiss it. I pressed down his head in between my thighs. But his mouth could not reach it. Therefore, I asked him to lie on bed and I lay on the bed with him. I spread my legs little wide for him and he placed his mouth on my pussy lips. Papa came over, kissed me, and pressed my boobs. It was double attack.
Uncle continued licking my pussy and I was moaning in pleasure. Then he tried to put his tongue in pussy hole. He inserted his tongue in my pussy and started moving his tongue in and out of my cunt hole. I stopped him by saying that I need your dick in my pussy please enter your cock in to me. Meanwhile papa was sucking my boobs. He sat between in my thighs and I held his cock, rubbed it with my clitoris for a while and guided it in my cunt hole.
I asked him to push his cock towards my pussy hole and he did as directed. But he failed to insert his cock in my hole as he had a big tool and my cunt had never been fucked by such big tool. He became little nervous. I smiled and once again, held his dick, put it on the orifice of my pussy, and asked him to push.
I did not leave it until his dick went in my wet hole. He carefully put it in. He was now fully inside me and I was feeling his cock like a hot steel rod in my pussy. I asked him to start moving his cock in and out of my cunt. Now mom was also getting excited. She came over me on fours putting her cunt on my face. Papa began kissing mom and squeezing her boobs. I happily began sucking her pussy. Papa got in front of mom; she kissed his cock and then began sucking it.
Uncle pulled half of his cock from my hole and then pushed it in again. In the same rhythm, my tongue was going in and coming out of mom’s pussy. Papa was also fucking mom’s mouth in the same rhythm. Meanwhile uncle was doing as I told him and now he started pushing me hard. He had bigger than 9″. So I was moaning very frequently.
Then he increased his speed of fucking my pussy. I became too excited and started using abusive language due the lot of excitement. Aunt and I were using all bad words like anything. I was crying now and saying, “You have got dick bigger than that of my bastard husband. Take your daughter’s legs on your shoulder and fuck me.” He placed my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me.
This way I was receiving his cock deeper in my pussy. Every muscle of my body was jerking and twitching. I locked his cock so hard on my pussy so he could not get it out and asked him to suck my tits. He bent over my chest and started biting mom’s ass so hard that she screamed and asked, “You bastard do it slowly. You want to hurt my ass.” But he was not in mood to listen as he had not fucked a cunt since last few months before this and he was flying in sky by now fucking one female and sucking ass of the other.
I was jumping now toward him up because I wanted his dick more in my cunt. I was moaning and crying with pleasure. I was saying, “Where were you till day, you bastard? You are fucking me in real in my life. My husband had never given me such pleasure in 8 years like this. Fuck me hard, harder.” I started gasping and moaning very loudly, and even the bed started shaking and swaying due to the force of his violent stroking. Mother got up from my face and turned her ass towards papa. Papa (father in law) took his cock and inserted in mother’s (mother in law) ass. He began ass fucking his wife.
Mom turned her face towards me so that she was kissing me or pressing my boobs. All four of us were enjoying our sex act. Only sound heard in the room was of our fucking. Phuch, puch, thap, thap thap. And that was natural when an old man sex-hungry for months fucks a thirsty woman much younger to him, more than half of his age. I caught his hips from behind pushing him towards me and also squeezed them. I was now jumping up with every stroke he was giving me to get his dick more deep in my thirsty cunt. We became very exhausted and we felt that we cannot control long it more.
He asked me, “What to do now? I am coming Latha. I cannot control it more.” I said, “I also want to come.” He asked, “What to do?” I said, “Come inside in my pussy.” I now pressed him as tight as possible, squeezing his hips. He plunged as deep as possible into my cunt almost reaching my womb and filled my pussy hole after a hard wild, 35 minutes long fuck. He fell on me after releasing his load in my cunt. Same time papa also came in mom’s ass with a loud moan and mom joined us.
We laid there for a long time and I was feeling a lot of love for them (parents in law) as they had given me the real pleasure in my life. I asked them to rest, went to washroom and after that to kitchen, and brought glass of milk for all three. Mom lay nude by Kumar uncle kissing him. Uncle began fondling mom’s nude boobs. Mom said, “Let us change partners now.”
I went to papa and handed him the glass of milk. He drank it and I lay with him. I got busy fondling and kissing him. He was also playing with my teat, and searching in my pussy to touch my clitoris. I caught his cock and stroked it. Now he was ready for another fuck, as his cock had become hard like a pole. I wanted to ride him. I asked him to lie on his back so that I could ride him as he rode me.
He lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. I held his hard dick and rubbed the tip on my cunt lips. Then pushed my pussy to his cock and took it in my cunt very expertly as this is my favorite style of fucking. He lay straight and was having a lot of pleasure, as he was saying, “You are the best daughter in law, you are really sweet.”
Meanwhile, uncle was laying on mom on bed and was inserting his cock in her oozing pussy. I took all of papa’s cock in my pussy and started jumping up and down. We were looking to each other eyes with great love as he was my father in law and was giving the ultimate pleasure to a woman who really needed it in her husband’s absence. And for him this was the pleasure he could give to woman having 29 years of age.
My breasts were bouncing which I asked him to catch, and he caught them both of his hands and squeezing them. I was jumping up and down to take his dick very passionately style in my pussy. I was fucking him very skillfully. While riding him I was moaning and grunting. After few minutes, I asked him, “Now we should change the position.” He said, “Dear daughter as you like, I don’t have a passion for the positions.”
And by this I felt a lot of love for him and I bent on him and kissed him very long on his cheeks. Then I got up, made a doggy style bending my waist and my knees, and made my wide soft ass up. I asked him too inert his cock in my pussy. He inserted his cock in my pussy, started forth and back, forth, and back motion to fuck me. Uncle and mom were making too noise while fucking. Uncle was giving deep strokes and mom was yelling. They were fucking like two long lost partners.
I was in great pleasure and was moaning, “Hhufff huuu huumm.” He caught my dropping tits. He was fucking me very hard and lustily. His strokes now became more forceful. He grabbed both my shoulders and was giving me full stroke. He was trying to reach in my full depth, but it was already reaching me very deep and it was too enough for me.
His hand found my cunt and he located the clit. While fucking me from behind he began tweaking my clit. This added to the pleasure. After some time I was again near to coming for third time and I shouted, “Fuck me fast; give me your cock pump fast, faster. Your daughter in law is coming. And you should join me at the same time.” And he started pumping faster and faster. We both came together. He fell on me.
We fucked four times on that day and uncle fucked me for not less than 30 minutes each time. And after that he became crazy to fuck me as he was a old man and we were the only one to satisfy his desires. I never disappointed him and whenever he demanded, I provided a chance. Now some time I think that I was wrong to introduce a simple-minded person like him, who could not stay without my cunt and me during his stay.
He stayed for a night and day and we made sure that we are nude except sometime when we came out.
I gave a nice view of my pussy to all who were standing in their terrace while shitting and pissing from terrace. I pulled up my nighty and stood up so that others can see from near building, Dear readers, tell me how you liked the story.
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My Wife Was Fucked In A Boat

Hi, I am Sudhir back with second part of the story “My Wife Becomes My Office Whore”. After my wife’s sexual tryst with my office colleagues she became nymphomaniac. She always wanted sex, 24 hours a day.
She would even engage washer man or milkman for sex. It was getting out of hand for me. I took her to psychiatrist who advised a long holiday for her. Doctor was surprised by her enthusiasm. She should be kept away from her regular place. We took a vacation and went to Mumbai to cool ourselves. After few days of sightseeing at Mumbai we took a boat to Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India. It was an hour-long boat ride, with about fifty people, several couples and some students.
Rajshree was wearing a semi transparent blouse with just a knot at the bottom- no buttons, and a skirt. As she had been shunning undergarments for quite some time, her tits were a little visible from under her blouse. She was looking a stunner in her dress. We were sitting on one side of the boat and enjoying the scenery when an English man came towards Rajshree and commented- “Hey lady, you look gorgeous!” She smiled and her smile encouraged the fellow. He added, “I am sure you like to fuck a lot!”
Before I could stop her from saying anything, she blurted. Her smile broadened “Of course!” She said “Are you interested?” “Who would not be?” He quipped, “But there is no cabin on this boat”. Rajshree replied, “Who needs a cabin” she laughed “I don’t mind fucking right here! By the way this is my husband…” she introduced me and at the same time extended her hand to reach his fly. He seemed a little too shocked to respond, and by the time he could react, her hand was well within his zip groping for the prize. Within a few seconds his pink cock with blue veins and the small balls were hanging out side his pants.
She moved forward and began licking and kissing it and lovingly watched as it grew harder and bigger. The activity wasn’t going unnoticed, about half of the boat had stopped enjoying the scenery outside and was curiously watching this free porno show. After sucking for about a couple of minutes she stood up to kiss hug him and kiss on his lips. He cupped her breast with one hand and slipped his second hand down to her thighs and slowly moved it up inside the skirt and suddenly exclaimed aloud “Wow! You have no underpants even!”
She once again laughed, “Yes, I don’t like men to waste precious time removing my clothing!” He was now kneading her round beautiful buttocks. I could not control my anger but was helpless. I could see all her actions as I was sitting next to her but this could not be seen by others as her back was towards the sea. Suddenly a Negro came near us and said to her, “Hey lady! You know I can sue you for being a racist!” She once again laughed and said, “No you can’t!” With this she again sat down on the bench pulled the black guy near her, unzipped his fly and pushed her hand inside.
Her smile broadened as she began unbuttoning his pants saying, “It is too big tool to come out of the fly. I will have to remove the pants altogether!” Then she pulled his pant and the underwear to reveal a huge black cock dangling. We all let out a sigh at the huge size. It was definitely her first black cock. She rubbed it on her beautiful fair cheeks, which looked even more beautiful in contrast to the black cock, and then slowly started taking the whole length inside her mouth. The white man sat beside her and untied the knot of her blouse to free the beautiful round boobs and the pink nipples.
He began kissing the boob near him biting the nipple from time to time and moved one hand from behind her to hold the other breast. Several young students had gathered round us to have closer look at the activities. She realized that the show was not getting viewed from all sides and taking the cock out of her mouth, said, “Why don’t we move to the middle of the boat where they all can have a better view!”
They all got up, a black and a white man with their cocks fully erect and dangling and a beautiful young Indian woman with her boobs dangling! They moved to a center bench. The women on board were flabbergasted by the view; they made their children see other way. Even men accompanied by women were watching her.
She sat down and holding the two cocks in her two hands placed them against her naked breasts, rubbing her nipples. Now almost everyone on the boat was watching the show. The two men asked her to get up and strip completely and in a couple of seconds her skirt was also down and her shaved pussy was now the center of attraction.
She said, “It is unfair. You two should also strip!” As they began removing their clothes and she stood on that crowded boat fully naked, a student asked her, “Is it available to foreigners only?” And she giggled once again, “Pointing at her pussy” she said, “It is available to anyone who has a hard cock and is willing to take it out!” And with this she waved him to come closer and hold her breasts.
He quickly came, cupped both her breasts, and then moved his hands down to feel rest of her body and down to the pussy. She spread her legs a little to let him reach her slit, which he instantly did. By this time, the two men were ready. The three sat down on the bench with my wife in the middle. They began playing with her breasts and kissing her and she caught their cocks and began stroking slowly. I had come to Mumbai on a vacation to stay away from her escapades and here again Rajshree has started sex.
One of the spectators was trying to take a picture from a little distance, hiding behind others. She raised her legs and placed one on the thigh of the black man and the other on the white man, thereby spreading her pussy wide for a deeper view of her pink and welcomed the photographer to take clearer pictures. One of the students was quite bold, “He came forward, sat in front of her and began licking her pussy.”
This was a fantastic view; imagine this, my wife fully naked, sitting between two men (a white man and a black man) holding their hard cocks with the two kneading her breasts and her legs spread wide over the legs of the black and the white man and a young student licking her cunt. And the show was being witnessed by a boat full with about fifty men and women.
She was certainly having orgasm after orgasm as was evident from her moaning and wringing of the body, but no one seemed to want this to stop. A young student stood behind the bench took out his cock, pushed forward near her neck, and turned her face to offer it for sucking. And this was probably the only thing missing so far.
She began wildly sucking the cock turning her face to the side. But it had become too much for her, she could no longer wait. She took the cock out of her mouth and shouted, “Hey, please now push the real thing inside!” The black one sprang up and pushing her down to lie on the bench, spread her legs and began pushing his huge cock into her pussy.
The English man got up to her face to let her mouth do the job while the two Indians squeezed her tits standing on the two sides. The black one then hinted the white one to take the pussy and moved forward to enter the mouth but before the white man could enter her pussy, an Indian rushed and thrust his cock into her. He was really horny.
She saw the disappointment in the English man’s eyes, caught his cock, and began rubbing on her breast. He was probably already quite stimulated and took no time in releasing his cum on her breast. It was huge load and came with such great force that it drenched the hand of the other man who was kneading her other breast.
He was shocked and looked at him in disbelief. Rajshree had to intervene again. She took the black cock out of her mouth and pulled the cum drenched cock to her mouth and began cleaning it with her tongue. Rest of the cum was spread over her chest and boobs.
Black man now pushed the Indian fucking her and pushed his cock inside her pussy and gave a few hard strokes but then pulled out and spreading her ass with his thumbs, pushed the monster inside her little tight hole. The women on boat let out a scream seeing him inserting his donkey dick in Rajshree’s ass hole. I am sure any one else would have screamed at having such a huge cock entering the ass so brutally.
But my wife had been by now accustomed to having regular asshole fucks and could admit him without any special effort. He had reached a crescendo and suddenly took out the cock and spurted all the cum almost all over her body. Black man’s fucking was so wild that I had missed watching her face and now noticed that she was sucking two Indian cocks simultaneously.
As the black man had released her holes, she waved one of them to occupy either of the two empty holes and continued sucking the other. Black man moved to her face to offer her the last few drops of cum which she greedily swallowed before returning to suck the Indian cock. The other Indian entered her pussy but since her entire body was sprayed with cum, he was unable to play with the boobs.
He too was about to cum which became evident by his increased pace. Rajshree hastily asked him not to
waste the cum and release himself in her mouth. So he once again went forward and pushed the cock into her mouth and after a couple of strokes placed it on her lips to give everyone a good view of his cum filling her mouth. But a large part of it still got sprayed outside covering her full face.
The one Indian had still not cum and now there was no place for him. She caught his cock, began stroking on her face, and took that cum too on her face. Now she was almost bathed in cum and the entire crowd on the boat was excited. Someone asked, where would she wash herself? There is no fresh water or towel here. She said, “There is no need!” She wiped her face on my cheek and gave me a lip lock kiss. I could taste the cum in her mouth and cheek. I was aghast by her behavior. She wiped some from her breasts with her hand and began licking.
Without caring for the dripping cum from all over her body, she picked up her blouse and skirt and put them on as the boat was being parked at the jetty. All the cum was sticking to her body. One woman blew a kiss to me and said, “Good show and nice cum on your face.” I was too ashamed
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Sex With Bio Teacher

I am a frequent reader of this site and have enjoyed the stories. Now I am publishing my own personal experience which I had with my bio teacher. Her name is Sohini, she is a very sweet and sexy teacher. I was a good student and concentrated well in every class. All teachers were happy with me.
In bio I used to have some difficulties and my teacher always helped me out.
This happened in class 10. My teacher was a very hot and had perfect shaped boobs. They were round and soft. Her sizes were 32-28-30. All the boys in my class talked about her and stared at her in class. I always kept a smile on my face when ever I see her. I always had an eye on her boobs when she is explaining anything in the class she would walk around in the class while dictating something and I always moved my eyes where ever she goes sometimes
I used to start dreaming about her in the class and lost my concentration slowly I became a little week in the subject and as my teacher was very nice she gave more attention toward me and helped me out in bio she started taking extra classes after school and she was very free with me we used to crack jokes when we are alone after school and are relation like that became very strong one day in the extra classes when everything was over and she was very tired and did not want to teach she asked me to read the text and she was sitting in front of me
Slowly then I started asking her questions and I stopped reading and started talking to her she asked me if I had any problems and all she asked why I have started day dreaming in the class and don’t concentrate on studying. I was silent for a while then she told I know what is the matter she said “it ok, it happens with many children” she asked me what I dream, I was like nothing ma’am and at that time she kept her hand on my hand she said speak its ok you can share things with me
I told her ma’am you are very beautiful I like you very much you are so kind with this she gave me a smile and told me to pick up a few things and take it to the bio-lab on the way she asked me if I had any girl friend with this I was a little shy but answered no ma’am for this she laughed when we reached the lab she asked me to keep the things on the table and something fell she bend down to pick it up I when she got up I was looking at her and then she came close to me and she asked do you like me?
I said yes ma’am then she came closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips I was amazed then she asked did I like it? I responded her back by kissing her back and did not say a word. I kept kissing her for a long time then broke the kiss and I said ma’am I love you then she said do you like my boobs? Is this why you don’t concentrate? I did not say a word and kissed her again and kept my hand on her boobs and pressed them and then we broke then it was time for us to leave I said bye to her and left. Next day it was a holiday and in the morning I got her message and she asked me to cum to her place. I agreed to her and at 11 o clock I went to her place.
I rang the bell and she came to open the door she was wearing a black translucent nighty which was looking hot on her with black bra and panty inside. I went inside her house and there was no one there she was alone at home she asked me to sit on sofa and she sat next to me she offered me a drink and I took it after that she went to her bed room. I was sitting on the sofa and I felt a little bored so I thought of going and checking her out in the room I entered the room I saw her standing near the cupboard and went to
Her and from behind hugged her she shout aahh and turned around and kissed me I kissed her for a long time are tongue we playing in each other’s mouth for a long time I kept one hand on her boob and one i was sliding it on her back she was holding my head with her hands. I pushed her towards the bed and her over it I kissed her like a hungry dog then I remover her nighty and threw it away she was looking sexy in the bra and panty she removed my clothes and threw it away I was only in my underwear and my tool had made a tent in there.
She was rubbing her hands on it and making me feel hot I was oozing pre cum and I was in pain I asked her remove my underwear and free my tool she did it I was hot and horny and I ripped off her bra and panty both of us were nude and sleeping over each there I was biting her nipples and sucking on them we were enjoying then she went down and started sucking on my tool she was hot and my tool was getting bigger after that we went into 69 position and sucked each other.
I was exploring her pussy and loved it lot after sometime she and I cum together and she drank all my sperms then I came up and kissed her lips and inserted my cock in her hungry tight pussy she moaned loud which was making me mad I loved her a lot and started pumping in her slowly and she moaned slowly my speed increased and she was also shouting and then we had a climax and I laid on her. I cum inside her and she took up everything we enjoyed each other then we went to clean ourselves in the bath room and we had sex over there under the shower and came out kissing
Our lips were locked with each other then we both got ready and I had to leave, while going till the door she kissed me and we kissed each other for a long time standing t the door and I pressed her boobs after that whenever we get chance we meet up I take her out kiss her in school and enjoy our lives...
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Sex With Married Neighbor

Hi readers this is Rahul from Delhi 25 of age. This is my real story of sex with my neighbor bhabhi who was newly married this incident happen about six months ago when I indulged in sex with her first time. Let me introduce her she is 27 years of age very sexy and her figure is 30-28-32. she is very good looking everyone who see first time feel dirty about her.
Her name is Priya and her husband name is Raj. I and Raj are good friend I use to go his home and very much closer to his family after Raj’s marriage his family is went town now in there house only two people are staying Raj and Priya. Raj has to go for office tour for ten to fifteen days or sometime more so that time Priya was alone at home. And Priya is open minded in talking some time she was came for time pass with mom when she feel alone.
One day I saw her after taking a bath in balcony and she was looking very sexy that time for the first time a dirty thoughts come to my mind for her. I am very shocked to see her how sexy see is than my shaft is got erected and for the first time I masturbated and thought of her that time I decided to do sex with her I had started to go her home and talking with her for long time when she was alone and she also likes my company
I got the chance one day the golden day of my life that day her husband was gone for job tour for 20 days and I was very happy now i planned to do sex with her but i was confused whether she was ready or not so I gone to her home she had wear a black saree in which she was looking like fairy and I was fully attracted to her. I started to talk with her and talk for one hour then I have started to talk about their marriage life so she was unhappy in talking so
I got the green signal then I started bold question about their sex life and she started crying and i ask him putting my hand on her eyes what happen then she told me how unhappy she was with sex life then I started to move my hand to her back and took her in my shoulders she did not respond and I got the courage then I started kiss her and she was shocked and told me that this is not right thing I told her that I love her so much and
I wanted to do sex with her and she is also unhappy with her husband. she told me that this is not good if somebody know than they will kill T hen she told me that she also love me but scared then I convinced her that this will be secret between us then she told me that not now come in night so I went home and waiting for night at 9 pm. I gone to her home she was looking great and we sat on sofa talk to each other and then at one point I was bold on talking and my penis was fully erect and it was visible from pant and then the act started she was watching
My penis and I saw her doing this I said u like this she said yes then I started to kiss her she too join and we tested our tongue and we kiss each other for ten minutes very badly then she was took me to her bedroom. And I have started to kiss again and removed her saree she was against me in blouse and petticoat then I have told her remove my cloth and she removed my all cloth only underwear remain then I have removed her blouse and petticoat and laid down on bed and
I started to press her boobs from bra and slowly removed and then took in mouth and my hand was inside her panty and fingered in cunt it was so wet and i have played with her boobs for fifteen min. and then she took my animal outside it is about 7.5 inch and took in mouth and started to suck and continue till twenty minthen she told me to fuck her cunt she was enjoying so much. and I started to enter my animal in her pussy but it was so hard and first
I have entered half it was paining for her she was in pain but enjoying so much then in second stroke I entered all my length and she was moaning ahhhhhhhh and I started my process of fuck and she was moaning in enjoyment and telling that fuck me hard very hard and make me mummy of your child fuck me hard i was about to cum I had in her pussy and she was so happy then I started to lick her pussy it was so tasty and continued for twenty minutes then
I turned to 69 position we had lick each other and enjoyed so much and then I was about t cum again and she had taken all liquid in her mouth and then we rested nude for some time that night we have done sex for four times and we are very happy and we sleep together in each other’s shoulders. In morning we have taken bath together and I fucked her in bathroom and then I went home and we have enjoyed sex for next twenty days until
Raj come and there after we have enjoyed sex whenever we got chance and whenever Raj went to tour we are very happy now this is my story with my love and I want to make woman happy who are not happy after their marriage so please send me feedback

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