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Erotic indian massage

I have been an avid reader for many years & thought it was about time I shared with you some of my visits to India from the UK. I am female just turned 40 & have for many years visited India at least once every year sometimes more…. Well I really don’t know where to start as I always have lots of fun during my visits but there is one time just recently that had me smiling for weeks after. This first instance was in Kerala not far from Trivinadrum. Obviously being South India the massages are fabulous & very relaxing so I tend to have them on a daily basis! This day I arrived & the lady who usually does them was not there & a young man advised that either him or the other man could do the massage if I wanted? So I decided feeling a bit aroused that morning how nice it would be to be massaged by a man so I agreed, he asked me to follow him to the massage room & left me to get undressed. When he re-entered the room I heard him catch his breath as I was lying totally naked on my stomach with a cloth over my ass, this is how I am asked to be by the woman so I thought the same! I heard him getting the oil ready & I asked him if he massaged women often, he then told me due to the owner being ill today he has to take on her work so it will be his first, this made me feel quite excited as he was about 25yrs & I could see he already had the glint in his eye. He started the massage with a nervous touch then he seemed to start to really give me a lovely hard massage but after about 10mins when he got near to my ass he was getting me aroused whether intentional or not. I could not help but raise my ass when he was covering it in oil so I obviously gave him a big hint that I was enjoying it, I told him I loved the touch of his hands on my ass & its making me excited, I looked at him and could see he was also enjoying it, then I noticed that his cock was really hard & that made me more excited. Being able to take no more I asked him if there was anything he would like to do to me while massaging me, being a bit shy he just said yes, I told him that I will allow him to use his fingers and his tongue any place he wanted but he must not tell anyone but I will allow him to do as he pleases! I lay there tingling all over wondering what he would want to do to me willing him to use my body as he wanted, his hands were all over my ass then he started to kiss my ass then he opened my ass cheeks and started to lick my hole & I nearly exploded with shock & delight, I raised my ass so he could see my pussy from behind & he continued licking getting nearer to the place that was the wettest. I turned to look at him & asked if he would like me to lie on my front, he smiled & said he would & I said I wanted him to put his head between my legs & eat my pussy, he liked being told what to do I could see. I watched as he buried his head between my legs & then he started with his fingers as well and that just made me want more. In short he spent about 10mins eating me all up & made me cum twice I was so shocked that this young boy was so good I asked him If I could see and touch his hard cock, he dropped his towel & I gazed at a beautiful brown cock dripping with pre cum I knew I wanted him to fuck me. I leaned over and held his hard cock in my hand & he said he had not had sex with a white woman before & he wanted to suck my white breasts, I then told him that I have already given you permission to do as you please. I walked him over to the shower in the corner & said to him I wanted to cover him in soap then suck his hard cock under the running water he was happy for me to do this so I took him into my mouth & he nearly fainted as I took him straight down my throat & I know that he had never had this before, I started sucking his balls then licking the tip but within a few minutes his balls started to tighten so I told him I will have to not touch him for a minute as I wanted to enjoy my time with him. I took over and asked him to lie on the massage table & he just climbed up and lay down his cock so hard pointing up I could not contain myself, I climbed on the table & started to lick up his body enjoying the taste of him and his hard body, the further up his body I got just made me wetter and wetter, when I got to the position I wanted he realized I wanted to ride him & he was very happy but told me he thought he might cum quickly. I started to lower myself on his cock & it seemed to go really hard and it slipped right in with ease & he gasped looking at me and grabbed my breasts trying to hold on, as I started to rise and fall I could feel myself getting near to coming, so quickly I could not belief it, he grabbed my ass as I started to really grind my pussy onto him & then all of a sudden we both came together & I screamed so loud! Luckily the place that does the massage is quite rural and no one was near at the time I came as they would of known exactly what had just happened. We both realized later that we had more of a connection and wanted more so I asked if he would come to my hotel daily to give me a massage & we could have more fun and he agreed that he would love to come to me daily (sometimes twice a day for four weeks!) I now have a fabulous young man who loves to make love to me for hours when I visit Kerala & I have a great time as I adore sex & we must admit men from Kerala are gorgeous. If you are visiting UK or would like to comment me?

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